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Undertow (FF8)
It was the same no matter where he looked. It had been and would be, and now was no different than weeks ago, or hours ahead.
Another grey nightmare, endless and empty like so many that had come and gone. Endless wasteland behind him, empty waters before him, and no voices, no wind. Not a whisper to answer him. He’d walk along that shore forever, calling her name, and as he walked, he would age. The name on his lips would change, but the breathless feeling never did.
Squall’s only company in this journey was the echo of his own voice, and even that seemed to dwindle as he succumbed to exhaustion and what he assumed was madness. Phantom voices teased his mind, but he’d long since stopped hoping they were real; if there was color, he stopped seeing it; pain, he stopped noticing. The only sensation he was aware of anymore was the crushing weight that finally brought him to his knees at the edge of the surf.
It began to rain. Darkness started to fall, and the tide reached
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Waking Up (FF8) by LunaManar Waking Up (FF8) :iconlunamanar:LunaManar 1 11 Eulogy by LunaManar
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Eulogy :iconlunamanar:LunaManar 0 0
Metrics (FF8) by LunaManar Metrics (FF8) :iconlunamanar:LunaManar 11 1 Ace of Spades (FF8) by LunaManar Ace of Spades (FF8) :iconlunamanar:LunaManar 1 2
Growing Pains (FF8)
“You're taller,” said Rinoa, too loudly.
Squall's scowl darkened. “What?”
“Taller,” she repeated slowly. “As in I have to look up to see your face.”
“I know what it means.” He waited for a student to pass them in the hallway. “Taller than what?”
Her hands perched on her hips. “Than you used to be. When we met.”
Squall stared at her, quiet for several seconds. Then he stepped around and past her, determined not to allow this conversation the benefit of a beginning.
But Rinoa's eyes were keen and she saw him glance down at himself as he faced away from her. She caught his arm and pulled him back, holding a wry smile even when he twisted irritably out of her grasp. “This is new,” she declared, plucking at his shirt collar. “So are these.” The toe of her boot tapped the edge of his.
“Stop that.” He deflected her hand when she tried to tug the seam of his pant leg. “
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Bullet-proof (FF8)
They were children when he'd come to her in the wild fields while she made chains out of cooperative flowers. Exhausted and adventure-bruised, Squall collapsed beside her in the grass.
“Maybe I'm dying,” he mused. He was still too young for sarcasm.
“You're not dying,” she returned with the haughty patience of an older sister. “You're just really tired.”
He shrugged skeptically and plucked at a piece of grass. “If I do, can it be here? Is that okay?”
Unfazed, she looped a fine weave of white flowers around his collar. She knew her reassurance meant more than the question or its implications, that he feared isolation more than oblivion without knowing or understanding either word. So she answered, “It's okay.” She fastened two final stems together, closing the chain; a perfect fit.
The dense, feathery petals shivered in the coastal breeze, lining his small shoulders like a tiny white mane. A common occurrence, he ignored the fl
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Just Once More - Page 1 [DRAFT]
(This work is unfinished. Please see description.)
It must have been a phantom of her mind.
It would have been utterly out of place in Esthar’s Presidential Palace, but Rinoa was sure she had seen it. She had to know it was real, and that the mysterious spectre of sorcery was not driving her to mad hallucinations.
There wasn’t much time. They were all waiting impatiently while the Ragnarok was fueled and armed. She’d slipped away while Squall and Kiros discussed their strategy for penetrating Lunatic Pandora.
There it was: an unlit room with an open portal. A sitting lounge with benches made of some strange space-age padding. And…
I knew it. I’m not crazy.
In the middle of the room, there was a magnificent, vintage grand piano. Black and monolithic compared to its futuristic surroundings, it challenged their elegance all the same, commanding attention through the relative starkness of its craftsmanship.
She looked over her shoulder. She could no
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Burned Out
As the dragonship climbed the sky, night fell around it. The raw tint in the air matched Ragnarok's armored hide as it roared past a landscape of looming clouds, their celestial halo tainted by the light of a grieving moon.
Squall wondered how long the bloody haze would last. Would the moon ever shine silver, again? It didn't seem like a useful question, but colors had been on his mind of late, and he was sick of seeing red.
Heavy metal doors closed behind him, blocking out most of the light. A narrow window in one corner of the empty storage room was the only beacon in the darkness. As distasteful as he found it, he walked in the direction of the glow. He did not, however, step into it.
He slouched in a shadow beside the cold strip of glass and pressed his face into his palm. ...Now what?
There was no chance to contemplate; he'd been followed. The doors ground open, revealing Rinoa's silhouette. “I'm probably bothering you, aren't I?”
His head felt too heavy to lift
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Indelible - Section 2.5 (Draft)
Squall was still as he collected himself, taking this strange suggestion of hers and trying to orient it with his life in a way that fit, but its shape was mysterious to him. He weathered another shudder as he tried to anticipate what Edea’s teachings might entail.
He still had trouble reconciling such power with Rinoa’s image. It had always felt like a footnote to him, this gift—affliction?—of sorcery. But of course, she was right; even if she never used her powers, the world would not allow her to forget she had them. So what help would I be? I’m a SeeD. I was meant to fight sorceresses…and… His eyes focused again. “...What about Garden?”
Angelo, roused by their anxious voices, had wandered over during the lull to seek reassurance at Rinoa’s knee. He looked back patiently as she avoided Squall’s questioning gaze. “You could take some leave,” she hazarded. She stroked the shepherd’s ears.
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“What's clear to me that this sorceress business has changed nothing. You're the same person you always were.”
“Only you could make that sound like a bad thing.”
Caraway's frown deepened. “What that means is that you're of sound mind and no danger to this country or its people. I'm convinced of that. Others won't understand.”
Rinoa turned from the window and shot another deadly look at the general. “Like you care about this country's people. Besides,” she added before he could counter her, “I'm used to being misunderstood.”
“And your...friends.” Caraway let the word sit for a moment. “How have they been taking it?”
Her eyes narrowed deliberately to hide a wince. He'd use them against me? Of course he would. Breathing slowly to contain her trembling, she answered to reassure herself: “They're fine.”
“It's complicated, isn't it?”
It was all Rinoa could do to keep hers
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Indelible - Section 2.4 (Draft)
She said nothing, did not look at him for what seemed like several minutes.
Heart chewing at his ribs, Squall tried unsuccessfully to interpret her distant expression. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he spoke to fill the void, to force an answer: “Garden subsists on world conflict. When I go back to it, why would you stay?” He watched Rinoa’s expression transition from frustration to thoughtfulness, then a stern resolve as she finally turned her eyes on him.
“I’m a sorceress,” she told him. “I can’t go back.”
As her words settled, Squall found some relief in feeling like an idiot; he hadn't forgotten, but treading so much doubt, he hadn't remembered.
Feeling increasingly awkward, he sat down next to her again, arms hanging off his knees. “So you're a sorceress,” he said back to her. “With your power, you can finally change the world.” A faint clink drew his eyes to their corners. She wa
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Indelible - Section 2.3 (Draft)
She kneaded gently at his jacket, a soft smile again lighting her face. “Everything's going to be okay,” she said. “You'll see.”
He tried to return the smile, though he wasn't sure if he succeeded. For a moment, he felt better. He held onto it as long as he could, knowing full well what came next. He braced himself for the retaliatory doubts, the fear, and when they fell on him again, he shook his head to obscure the flinch as he looked away. His gaze fixed on Angelo, still sleeping on the couch in the foyer. “It's just so hard to believe.”
He saw the worried tilt of her head from the edges of his sight. “Why?”
His voice quieted as his eyes closed. “Kadowaki was right,” he said. “Sometimes the only way I can tell the difference between the nightmares and reality is by which one makes the least sense. When I think about it...” He made himself look her in the eyes again, forced the words. “It's hard to say we m
:iconlunamanar:LunaManar 2 2
Indelible - Section 2.2 (Draft)
“I don't know what I'm doing here,” he said at last.
She reminded him, “You wanted to talk.”
The fleeting intrusion of comfort gave way to another surge of fear. His body reacted mechanically to the emotion, muscles relaxing deceptively, trigger-ready, alertness hardening his eyes. He pulled in a steadying breath. Talk about what? I can't think of anything. No, I can't explain anything I'm thinking. “Lost what I was gonna say.”
Rinoa bowed her head for a moment, shuffling her feet. “I wanted to talk, too.”
“So, talk.” It came out harsher than he'd intended. Hurriedly, he answered her frown, trying to soften his voice before it could freeze on him again. Say something. “Say anything.”
She began slowly. “All day, I've been thinking about...when I found you.” She leaned forward a little. “When you woke up.”
He tried to recall the moment she spoke of, and wondered if he looked as s
:iconlunamanar:LunaManar 3 0
Indelible - Section 2.1 (Draft)
“I'm not sure how to interpret this.”
Squall locked the door to his room. “Don't overthink it.”
Rinoa eyed him playfully as he stepped past her. “Are you sure?” she teased. “What do you think comes to mind?”
“Whatever.” He punched the lightswitch in the tiny bathroom, splashed his face in the sink while avoiding his reflection in the mirror. I don't feel safe anywhere else.
Drained of her cheer, Rinoa studied his modest apartment while she waited. It was larger than the last, and set apart from the main dormitories. Angelo had found a space on the foyer couch and was already curled for sleep.
She walked slowly to the window, staring down into the turquoise halo created by the Garden's submerged rings. “Do you know what you want to say that you couldn't say out there?”
Squall dried his face, glaring at his reflection. Everything. I can't keep up with what's in my head right now. “Not really.
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Beneath the Surface
[Note: for context, please read submission description.]
His eyes wandered to the side, and she let him think, laying possessively on him and toying with Griever's chain. Her wings hung low, her power curling slowly along him to keep the contact fresh in his senses while he searched for the words to describe it.
“This weight,” he began quietly, “Like I've been submerged. Or...buried. I dreamed about it once.” His eyes closed, head relaxed to one side in concentration, distantly feeling Rinoa's fingers brush through his hair as he spoke, low and carefully. “I was just laying there. All these roots grew around me and pulled me under a big tree. No one could see or hear me, even if they walked right by. I was invisible...and safe.” He seemed to wake a little, gaze shaded and distant. “It's like that. I feel...sheltered, I guess. I don't mind that no one knows. I also know...there's nothing stopping those roots getting into me, if they wanted to. T
:iconlunamanar:LunaManar 2 4

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I am a writer from Delaware, US. I am 35, introverted, and enjoy old video games. I write Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction. For the most part, I stick to canon, although I take some liberties with the mythology of the world and will tweak some things for the purpose of transcribing game mechanics into story mechanics. I do not take into account any Dissidia or KH events (OG only).

Most of my one-shots are plothole fillers; my chapter fics tend to be post-game. All of my stories exist in a single, cohesive timeline, so it is recommended they be read in chronological order. (Link to TIMELINE here:…)

Read the short comic collaboration I did with SkribleSkrable, Miles to Go:…

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So...this year happened. 

So much has happened since the last update, I...don't know where to start. I guess the short version reads thusly: 

- I applied for a promotion in my company
- I got the promotion; the stipulation was that I relocate from North Carolina to Delaware
- Moving has been a very long, drawn-out process and nothing about it has been easy. I've been training full-time all the while. 
- Other...things, happened. My life is very complicated. 
- I have been writing, but I don't have anything completed to show.
- To be perfectly honest, my heart is in a lot of knots right now. I'm having a rough time. I know I'm not the only one. I'm doing what I can to take care of myself. 
- As soon as I have the energy to post anything, I promise, I will. But this year...god. I don't know what to say about it. Never in my life have I looked at the upcoming year with such dread. I'm trying not to think too hard about it. I'm trying to just live my life so I can find the headspace to write. 

I'm sorry. I'm giving all that I've got. You'll see me when you see me, I guess. I'll be around, though. I'm not going anywhere.
So after a very active January, February through April has absolutely kicked my butt. I have had so much going on in my life that I haven't had the energy or brainpower left over to do a lot of writing or even interacting with people on the Internet. So there were no updates here between February and now. I apologize for that, and I apologize further because I might be quiet for a while yet. But I wanted to at least say that I am still here, this account isn't dead and once things finally settle down, you'll see more updates from me. I'm just really swamped at the moment. 
So :iconsummonerluna: put up an image prompt (check out that person's gallery--it's really awesome) on tumblr and I went to town on it. Wrote a short one-shot in a night, and I'm pretty happy with it, myself. I've sent the artist a note to see if they'll allow me to use the image as a book cover/illustration/icon for the story. If they say yes I will, and if they say no I'll find something else, but for now there's no picture for it. 

I actually didn't used to bother much with images for my stories, but they do seem to get people's attention when I do. I guess most people are just very visual and without anything to set a story apart from the rest upfront, they just scroll past it. I never really thought about it, but it makes sense. I certainly take a longer look at things that catch my eye aesthetically. 

In other news I'm still working on a billion other pieces. I'm feeling motivated, so hopefully I can get something else done in the near future, here. 


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